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Weight Loss Doctor Columbus, Ohio

Healthy Weight Loss Programs Driven By Your Goals & Comfort

Getting a firm grasp on a comfortable weight can be difficult no matter if you’re trying to gain, lose or simply maintain – it isn’t as simple as “calories in, calories out.” As an esteemed weight loss doctor in ColumbusDr. Marguerite Weston works one-on-one with each patient to establish a custom medical weight loss plan that is effective, safe and sustainable long-term.

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With Dr. Weston, It’s All About Getting To The Root Cause

There’s an array of additional factors that play a role that must be considered, including hormonal shifts, genetics and even some lifestyle choices that could be impacting you more than you realize! No two bodies are the same. No digestive tract responds the same as another. From sleep schedules to meal timing, each corner of your lifestyle should be appraised to see if it is working for you!

Dr. Weston and her team specialize in tailoring creative weight loss solutions that actually work, but won’t bore you to tears or put unnecessary stress on your daily life.


How We Help

Lifestyle coaching session

Lifestyle Coaching: Finding Those Little Things That Make The Biggest Difference

Dr. Weston is your personalized health advocate by getting to know you first. How were you raised? Did you take an abundance of antibiotics as a child? Have you experienced any traumatic events throughout your lifetime? How do you handle anxiety and what types of exercises do you perform regularly?


She uses this vital information from this conversation to create a truly unique lifestyle plan; one built on uplifting support, professional medical guidance, clear communication and goal-driven accountability. Your wellness is a team effort — and we are in your corner every step of the way!

Semaglutide For Weight Loss


Historically used to treat Type 2 diabetes, this prescription medication has been proven to help a patient safely lose excess weight — and keep it off. Dr. Weston prescribes once-a-week injectable semaglutide to her patients as part of their custom, long-term weight management program if they meet specific BMI requirements or are experiencing weight-related health issues.


These programs also include lifestyle and dietary changes to ensure these positive results are sustainable long-term.


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We Also Have Surgical & Nonsurgical Solutions Available

Some patients opt for effective solutions that exist beyond diet, exercise and lifestyle changes when it comes to safely managing their weight and daily comfort. We uniquely offer tummy tuck, breast reduction and liposuction procedures to help individuals meet their goals, along with minimally-invasive treatments like CoolSculpting, CoolTone and Kybella.


Many patients combine their personalized weight management routine with these additional service offerings to a create comprehensive confidence plan that best works for them! We believe in offering every option to each patient; no matter which you choose, your decision is valid.

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We’re constantly flooded with mixed messaging about weight management — both online and by loved ones. It can be difficult to determine which options are right, which are wrong and which may actually be harmful to your health.


We invite you to get in touch with us, schedule your one-on-one consultation and learn the most effective solutions as you continue to elevate your confidence!

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